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Essay Writing Service Review of

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Quality: 10

I am impressed with their service because they are detail-oriented. They followed my requests well such as imitating how I write as I describe my tone, style, and level of English proficiency. As I read their submitted work to me, it appears I myself have done the paper. They researched all the information needed too and choose only reputable sources such as ebooks, journals, news sites, etc. I would order another paper the next time around from Essay Shark.

Services: 6

The service has a wide array of different papers from creative to technical writing. The deadline stated though is just through a calendar wherein I get to choose the date. I wonder if they have specific deadline for hours if I need the paper within the day. Also, it requests for my email address. Even if they guarantee the confidentiality, I am quite unsure if I give them my personal email address. Creating a new one without any trace to my name would just take more of my time. It’s better if I can order without giving any email address.

Prices: 9

They don’t have a price stated on their website. They just give a quote after the estimated number of pages, type of paper, and deadline I gave. I don’t have an idea if how much they charge per paper contrary to what other online writing services do. The positive side is I only pay after I see the paper done. They don’t ask for an immediate payment as soon as I place the order.

Support: 9

They have a round the clock support but it cannot be seen immediately on the website. It seems I only saw it after logging into my account in their website. It’s still confusing for a first time customer where to find it. They do reply within minutes but most often within just few seconds. Their staff do know the details of everything I ask.

Delivery: 10

They give the paper within or exactly on the deadline. They can guarantee the delivery as to when I should have it. I never worried if they would give it late because I tried their writing service thrice and they always deliver on time. They try their best to submit it earlier than the deadline but they never compromise the quality.

Overall: 8

Essay Shark’s advantage over the other online writing services is they do not charge upfront costs but rather deliver first the order before asking for the payment. They works are of quality too as they submit it on time. For the areas of improvement, they better adjust their 24/7 support to be seen immediately. They should take out too the required email address from customers. I still don’t feel at ease giving it despite of the promised confidentiality.